How to add, delete and modify a tax code in MYOB?

If you are using MYOB application to manage accounts of your If you are using MYOB application to manage accounts of your organization, the very first requirement is to set up the tax codes that you can use to set up different accounts. Here is a complete 
the description that explains:

  • How to add a toll regulation?
  • How to delete an excise regulation
  • How to modify an existing code?


How to add a tax code?

Open your application and go to toll regulation list from the menu bar and go to toll codes.

Now a toll regulation list window will open that gives you an opportunity to add, delete or modify an existing regulation.In order to add a toll code, you need to click on “New” icon in this window which next opens an excise code information window.

Here you can enter a three characters regulation, you can enter a description if you want or an excise type to reveal those fields, and press “Tab” on your keyboard then you will get the following:

Type a description in the tax regulation.

  • Select a toll type.
  • Enter excise rate for that tax.
  • Select a linked account for which excise is collected.
  • Select a linked account for which excise is paid.
  • Select a linked card for tax authority if you have set up a card for an absolute taxation.

Now check you have entered the correct information and then click ok to save the changes you have made.

How to delete a tax code?

Now go to excise code list and choose a code you wish to delete by clicking on it and then select edit and then delete excise regulation. 

In case, you are not able to delete a toll code then you need to delete a consolidated toll code and then you’ll be able to delete individual toll code.

How to modify an existing tax code?

If you wish to modify an existing code from this list then you need to highlight a particular code from the list and then click edit. 

Now you have to double click on a tax code and then enter the changes you want to make and click “Ok” to save the desired changes. If you have some more questions regarding its accessibility then converse with an expert by dialling MYOB Accounting support number.

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How to edit or delete users in MYOB Essentials

If you have a business and you run it or you work for a company then you might know the tension that is incorporated with its functioning. There are a number of things that should be taken care of while managing any task related to your company. That’s why we keep financiers and accountants etc. to make such transactions and changes. All these charges can be reduced by using simple accounting software known as MYOB. This software can calculate all your GST and BAS, can manage your payroll, point of sale operations and much more. You can choose your type of product from a variety available according to your need. Here, in this article, MYOB Customer Support has talked about editing and deleting existing users in its Essentials service.setting up 4add
If you want to make changes in your user account then follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Go to your MYOB Essentials page and there click your business name.
2. On the next page, select the link that says, users.
3. A new window with the details of all the users in your business will appear. There, choose your user details and select the edit button.
4. In the edit section of the next window make changes according to your need and finally click the save button.

Now, if you want to delete a user then you have to have the administrative powers in your hand. Only administrators can delete a user or administrator.

Follow the given strides in order to get that result:

1. Again, go to the Essentials page and choose your business name.
2. A new page containing all the details of existing users will appear.
3. To delete a particular user, select that user and click the cross mark (X) against it.
4. Confirm your choice by clicking the yes button in the next window.

Now, you know the steps needed to manipulate a user in your MYOB Essentials account. But there can be some complications in achieving that target. You can have other problems also and for those very reasons you can Contact MYOB Support NZ on their toll-free number any time round the clock. A support team of professions is always ready to sort you out in any situation.

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