5 Most Searched MYOB FAQ 2017

MYOB users here’s the list of 5 most asked frequent questions. In the beginning of the year 2017, these questions were highly enquired by the users at MYOB help desk. So, check out the answers to these questions below. We hope this will answer most of your concerns.


1. What do the single-user & multi-user mean?

The single user package allows the user to utilize the MYOB as a single person user. In addition, the multi-user refers to 3 or more persons who access the MYOB at the same time.

2. Can the user request for a product demo before the final purchase?

Yes, the official MYOB resellers ensure to offer a public demo to the interested users. Please dial the MYOB technical support number for a free demo. Or invite them to your office for a presentation.

3. Do Accounting include the features such as multi-currency & inventory management?

The question to this answer is a big yes. The MYOB is enabled with the above-mentioned options. Moreover, it includes several exciting features and tools that make financial management easier.

4. What will you receive with the purchase of the Accounting Premier Package?

Here’s the list of items you will receive with the Accounting Premier package:
• Exclusive MYOB Premier Software
• Onsite Install service
• Company Data file setup
• Professional forms setup such as Tax Invoice
• Payment vouchers and receipts setup
• Advance training in addition to the unlimited access for at least 6 months
• Complimentary phone and email support

5. What all does Accounting do for the user?

MYOB is an advanced accounting software that is bundled with some of the exclusive features, functions, and tools such as,
• Upgrade Inventory Tracking platform
• Inbuilt (CRM) system ie. Customer Relationship Management
• Sends Sales Invoice to instant customers
• Allows to manage purchase orders in relation to the suppliers
• Best for managing Multi-Currencies
• Upgraded for Banking Management
• Generates business Profit & Loss reports

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