How To Connect MYOB Payroll To Your Account?

Many users have confusion regarding the MYOB Payroll. The main confusion comes when the user tries to connect the payroll with the MYOB account.
Well, all the users who face problem while doing so will get the answer to their query here. The MYOB Support describes how to get started with integrating the payroll with the main account.


Did you ever consider that payroll is created and sent via a .txt file in correlation to the MYOB AccountRight. This happens every time you try to make the final payment. However, the process takes some time and that seems time killing. But, remember the manual integration is effective and improves the flow of accounting along with the payroll management. This is quite easier in balancing the PAYE account.

If like other confused users, you are not confident with the help of a certified consultant available at the valued MYOB Customer Care. This not only saves time but helps to manage the financial account in a better way.

If you have set the link and tested to ensure everything is working alright then you are good to go. If some error interrupts the process, then make sure go back and check the payroll management. Try to create a test pay and it will ensure everything is working fine. Do include the deductions and allowances available for the payout. For security reasons, you can create a backup on the computer. Later, you can delete the journal
entry when it is confirmed that everything is working fine.

If anytime you face issue while managing the financial account, just feel free to Contact MYOB Support NZ +64-04-8879113. The professionals will ensure to get your queries resolved at the earliest and help you manage financial payment, invoice management efficiently.

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