How To Enter Invoice, Order or Quote In MYOB

Forgot to record a sale? Don’t worry! Now you can register the invoice, quote or order in Account Right. And don’t panic if you made a mistake of missing an amount as you can change or modify the transaction. You can customize the forms as per your preferences you can print and email.


How to enter the sale transaction-

    • Click Enter Sales and go to Sales.
    • Either pick the customer or add a card. Ensure that you choose the correct card because once you record the sale you cannot modify the card.
    • Is your credit terms right? In order to edit the Customer’s default credit terms click on Terms.
    • The choices between Tax Inclusive or GST Inclusive will be saved for next transaction. And don’t change the alterations after filling new amounts.
    • Go to Layout if you want to change the Sale layout in order to fit the type of items or services you are offering.

Note: You cannot print or email the Miscellaneous layouts.

    • From top left corner choose amongst the invoice, quote or order from Sales Type list.
    • Fill the details of what you are offering along with headings, subtotals and blank lines. According to your sale type and layout the fields are available.
    • Fill the details of freight and choose the right tax/GST code if needed.
    • The amount paid by customer will be recorded in Paid Today field. And record the amount in deposit if you have created an order. In case if you want to fill details about the payment then select Details.
    • To save the sale- go to Record (For quotes- Save Quote) or you can also go to Print to print it on your form stationery. If you want to email it- click Send To or save it as a PDF.

Contact MYOB Support NZ is here to help you through every step. Dial +64-04-8879113. It is bit difficult for new users to use accounting software. But don’t worry now. Our MYOB Support Service team is here to help you with the software. Just connect with our professionals for quick assistance as we are available on MYOB Customer Support New Zealand for discussing the issues.

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